The Informer: 'Slight slowdown' in NSW vaccination rate

Your morning has been interrupted

Attention everyone, morning tea has been cancelled due to another NSW press conference.

On Friday, Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced the daily COVID briefings would end and she would front the media on a "needs basis".

It was a short-lived declaration.

The Premier appeared at her usual 11am timeslot on Monday, but said she stands by her comments from last week.

NSW recorded another 1257 new COVID cases and seven deaths, with the Premier saying southwestern Sydney remained the main area of concern.

"In regional NSW we have seen a stabilisation in cases however in Hunter, the Central Coast and Wollongong we have seen an increase in cases," she said.

"I want to leave a really key message today - do not let your guard down."

A slight slowdown in the state's vaccination led to Ms Berejiklian issuing a warning that there would be different rules for the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

"I don't want people to think they can sit back, let everybody else do the hard work and then turn up when it's 80 per cent and get everything else that vaccinated people are," she said.

Victoria has turned its focus to vaccinating construction workers after a large number of cases were linked to the sector.

An additional 20,000 Pfizer appointments have been put aside for tradies over the next fortnight and AstraZeneca walk-ups will also be available for them.

Victoria recorded 473 new COVID cases on Monday, the biggest daily increase since August 5 last year.

Only two of the ACT's 13 new coronavirus cases were in quarantine for their entire infectious period, sparking concerns among authorities.

Chief Minister Andrew Barr emphasised the need for testing numbers to stay above 3000 per day.

"The test, trace, isolate and quarantine - the TTIQ - is critical to the success of our public health response," he said.

Details on the how the territory will transition out of lockdown are expected to be announced on Tuesday.

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