The Informer: COVID-19 milestones that aren't grim, hurrah

Wait, some good news. Photo: file
Wait, some good news. Photo: file

It's been a day for many matters other than COVID-19 but, no surprise, the pandemic and its effects continue to impact.

Domestically, NSW hit its 50th straight day of being free from locally-acquired COVID cases.

One new case was acquired overseas, bringing the total number of cases in NSW since the beginning of the pandemic to 5021. Impressively almost 20,000 tests took place in the state over the weekend.

Victoria also made it to a milestone - 10 days and no local infections. Now there are just five active cases in the garden state.

With GPs part of Australia's vaccine rollout come March 22, there's much legwork yet to be done. So far it's been government-run hubs across the nation which have provided the jabs for the frontline workers and the vulnerable.

But with 4000 clinics involved in the staggered program, there is some gnashing of teeth at the lack of information available right now.

Deputy chair of the Australian GP Alliance Mukesh Haikerwal says doctors are preparing to have all hands on deck, while they wait for more information from officials.

"We will do it, we will have to work after hours, we will have to work weekends. We're prepared to do the work, we always have," Dr Haikerwal told ABC radio on Monday.

"But we have got to be supported."

As of Sunday, more than 81,000 Australians had been vaccinated.

Compare that to Japan where the vaccination program is apparently "moving at a glacial pace". As of Friday, not 50,000 people had been inoculated. At the current rate, it would take 126 years to vaccinate Japan's population of 126 million. Supplies are, however, expected to increase in the coming months.

Meanwhile, New Caledonia will go into a fortnight's lockdown after nine COVID-19 cases were reported in the community. The Pacific island nation was considered coronavirus-free until the cases were detected on Sunday.

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