Junortoun resident films kangaroos fighting in her backyard at 2am

When Jess Vereker was woken by thrashing and thumping sounds at 2am on Wednesday, she couldn't figure out what was the cause.

Looking out in to her backyard, she saw two tall kangaroo fighting near her pool fence in Bendigo, Victoria.

"I turned the floodlight on and saw them saw straight away. They were close," she said. "I thought the light might frighten them away but they didn't even look at me. It went on for 45 minutes until they moved out of view.

"You could hear the kicking and loud thumping sounds and they were hissing at each other as well.

Video: Jess Vereker

"There are really big scuff marks along fence. One panel is definitely bent but more from the hinges. I'm surprised they didn't smash one of the panel. There are big marks along fence."

Jess said the two kangaroos were intensely focused on their fight.

"They were so human like. They stopped and stared at each other 30 seconds. It was really interesting," she said. "They were very vicious and you can see how they would do a lot damage.

"They were within four metres of me at one point but I had glass between me and them. You could see the strength of their tails. I didn't capture it but at one point they were standing on their tails for quite some time. It was amazing to see the strength in their tail to hold that weight."


Ms Vereker and her family have been in their home for about a year and have regularly seen kangaroos and other animals in the backyard.

"(Kangaroos) are usually in the yard quite a lot but it only takes walking past door and they run off. These two were just really intense - I wasn't going to shoo them away," she said.

"The people in our house prior to us here for year, they had five brown snakes at the back door and we have an echidna lives on back fence."

Kangaroos are known to fight to decide dominance between males. The dominant male has a higher status with the local 'mob' and will father the next generation of joeys.

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