Letters to the Editor: Seated in Esperance history

I wish to thank Beverley Drabik for her article 'Blacksmiths Busy in Old Esperance', in which she draws attention to the removal of the unique wrought iron seat around the pine tree in Post Office Square.

Commissioned by the Shire in 1989/99, designed by Graham Wheeler and Monty Congreve, with Graham Wheeler, Dave Melbourne and Marc Chellini responsible for the labour, the project took over 350 hours.

The design incorporated eight individual sections, and included historical plaques and timber arm rests. The most difficult part was weaving the 25ml by 3ml flat iron bars, with three main angles required in order to get it perfect before the welding could take place.

The public may not be aware that this seat is recorded as part of the Shire of Esperance Art Collection, which has regulations in place regarding the purchase and disposal of all items, both indoors and outdoors, and includes first offer for it to be returned to the artist who produced the work, before disposal.

This functional, artistic and historic work was designed specifically for public accessibility in the town centre, so it should be returned to its rightful place."

Carole King, Esperance