The Buzz: Connection in times of disconnect

Usually this column is a hive of activity, promoting all of the exciting events in our town like art exhibitions, sporting events, regional shows and live music. Unfortunately, a certain world pandemic - that shall remain unnamed - has seen rapid changes to the way we operate, connect and socialise.

We've collectively sighed as we missed out on an array of activities these last few weeks. On top of that, increasing restrictions have made it seem impossible to socialise at the moment, but there are still ways we can enjoy a human connection. So here's three events you can enjoy from your own home this week!

Throw a houseparty! No, seriously, have you heard of the video chat app Houseparty? You can chat simultaneously with friends via video hangout from the comfort of home. So, set a time and sit on your respective verandahs and watch the sunset together (apart).

Travel to London to watch the National Theatre. No international flights needed here, just an internet connection. The British National Theatre is streaming some much-loved productions through Youtube. They'll release one a week, starting from April 2 with the online premiere of One Man Two Guvnors, featuring a Tony award-winning performance from James Corden.

Attend a workshop on anything you want. Take the opportunity to learn a new skill or share one with someone in your household. This can be done without a reliable internet connection because the lovely ladies at the Library are working hard to provide contactless borrowing of resources to the community. Give them a call on 9083 1500 to see what's available.

We can prevent social distancing from becoming social isolation. While protecting our physical health, we need to care for our mental health and those around us. To foster good mental health, consider limiting time spent on social media, engage in activities for enjoyment or try mediation apps like calm and headspace. The best way to support each other's mental health is to check in; keep in contact with family, friends and neighbours while keeping your distance.

The Community Development team has been working on updating the information published in place of the What's On Calendar on the Visit Esperance website. You'll find a collection of business and services still operating, just a little differently.