Father and son 'lucky to be alive' after being swept from rocks at Salmon Beach

The pair were able to remove themselves from the water and were treated by St John's Ambulance. Photo: Sarah Makse.
The pair were able to remove themselves from the water and were treated by St John's Ambulance. Photo: Sarah Makse.

A father and son were treated at Esperance hospital after being swept off rocks at Salmon Beach on January 25.

Esperance Police sergeant Ben Jeffes said the 39-year-old-man and his 66 year-old-father were both on a rock at Salmon Beach about 11.00am.

The 39-year-old man was washed into the ocean and unable to climb out of the water.

His father was also swept into the ocean when he attempted to throw a life ring to the man who was clinging to a rock.

Sergeant Jeffes said the pair were able to eventually move around the rocks and remove themselves from the water.

Two Esperance Marine Rescue boats, Esperance Police, Esperance Surf Living Saving Club volunteers and St John's Ambulance attended the scene.

"The gentleman were actually able to move around the rocks themselves and get themselves up out of the ocean," he said.

"They're very lucky to be alive.

"They ended up with water ingestion, cuts and lacerations and were taken to hospital for treatment.

"Everyone was on the scene pretty quickly and in a very short period of time we had assets on the water and on the beach."

Following the close call, Sergeant Jeffes has urged the public to take precautions if fishing from rocks.

"The best advice is unless it is absolutely necessary to find yourself on a rock by the southern ocean, than don't do it," he said.

Sergeant Jeffes said if people did decide to go onto the rocks to always follow important coastal safety tips.

"Wear a life life-jacket, never go on the rock alone, observe the movement of the ocean, wear appropriate footwear - closed in with a strong grip," he said.

"Avoid black algae, black algae is very slippery and if you tread on it you will virtually have no grip at all, it will be like sliding on ice.

"Avoid locations where you observe big swells because those will be the ones that come and grab you and if you can, tie yourself off onto an anchor point.

"Also consider what to do if you get washed in. The advice I would give is to swim away from the rock if you can, cut across to the bay and come in on the beach.

"If people just observe those simple steps then their chances of being washed in the ocean are drastically reduced."