Esperance volunteers get to work crafting Before Dawn film sets

With filming set to begin in 2020, the director and crew of WA's first community driven feature film, Before Dawn, visited Esperance to kick-start preparations.

The feature-length World War One drama, set to be shot over six weeks in June 2020, will see a Dalyup farm transformed into Belgium and France to re-enact the famous battles of Messines Ridge and Polygon Wood.

Film director Jordon Prince-Wright, members of the film's art department and Esperance Men in Sheds volunteers worked closely for three weeks in November to create props, set pieces and trenches.

Mr Prince-Wright said he was blown away by how quickly preparations were moving thanks to the colossal support of the community.

"We've had a huge amount of sponsorship and support across WA and it is the community engagement that I love about this film," he said.

"Getting to work with the Men in Sheds and the other people in Esperance who came down and gave us a hand was fantastic."

Mr Prince-Wright thanked Bunnings Esperance, Esperance Rural Supplies, Esperance Freight Lines and Men in Sheds for supporting the film.

"Early next year we will start announcing cast members and start mentioning some of the crew that are involved because we've got some crew who have done some pretty big things," he said.

"Hopefully by May we will be doing rehearsals and we will have a lot of extras down in Esperance who will be involved in drill training.

"On June 1 we will have our first slate and away we go."

Mr Prince-Wright urged any Esperance residents who wanted to support the film to host a crew member for the duration of filming.

He said accommodation was needed for 60 crew members for six weeks as well as additional beds for cast and crew to use throughout filming.

He encouraged anyone that could volunteer a bed for anywhere from one night to six weeks to get in contact with the production team.

"The biggest box that needs to be ticked is accommodation so we need support for about 60 people for six weeks from June 1, and then we also need support with accommodation here and there," he said.

"We just need a bed and bathroom, all the meals are covered it is just a matter of the guys having somewhere to rest."

Anyone who would like to volunteer accommodation or find out more about how to help can email,