Could this be the perfect Christmas present?

Could this be the perfect Christmas present?

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The tree is decorated, Christmas day menu decided, the guests invited and some presents wrapped. But with just two weeks to go there is still plenty festive season organising to do.

Invariably most people start out with the best intentions, determined to have their present shopping done and dusted before the shops get last minute manic.

What usually happens is that with only two weeks left to go many people still have a number of their presents left to organise.

Finding the perfect gift for loved ones and friends is the preoccupation of many at this time of year as no one wants to give a 'panic present,' you know, the present you buy when time is running out and you need to get something, anything.

As the retail dash begins you may start scouring the 'best gifts for hard to buy people' lists only to find the same old gifts and dead ends.

The perfect gift seems to be an elusive and rare thing and if you wait too long you may miss a terrific deal.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have seemingly been everywhere lately. But don't fret or chide yourself if you missed these irresistible offers.

With plenty of sales and special deals out there, you will need to work quickly to get the deliveries in the mail before December 25.

There is still time, for example to get in on telco Pennytel's great Christmas offer.

Until December 18, 2019, Pennytel are offering 30 per cent off the price of the latest Nokia 2.2 with Android One - a potentially perfect gift for someone on your list.

Nokia 2.2 is a phone with some exceptional features. This phone is a high-quality European design that combines both beauty and strength. The tough polycarbonate shell with a high-gloss finish and smooth curved edges provides a premium look and feel.

See programs or view your photos on a high definition display which comes with secure Face Unlock and Android 9 Pie's Adaptive Brightness feature that automatically adjusts to your surroundings.

In addition, Android 9 Pie's Adaptive Battery also provides a smarter battery for longer lasting power.

As part of the Android One family, your Nokia 2.2 gets better over time with two years of guaranteed software upgrades and three years of security patches, keeping your phone fresh for longer with the latest features and security.

Finally get help on the go with the Google assistant button. Press the dedicated button or say "OK Google" and it will navigate you home, play your favourite song and much more.

Along with all of these great features, the 13MP low-light camera will ensure your precious Christmas memories will be captured in more detail. Purchase a new phone alongside one of Pennytel's great value plans and get 30 per cent off RRP and 30 per cent off mobile plan for four months.

Call Pennytell on1300 262 146 or go to

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