Castletown man fined over brawl and threats to police

A Castletown man who was tasered after threatening police during a brawl has received a $3500 fine.

Brett Thomas Dobson, 47, pleaded guilty to disorderly behaviour and obstructing police in Esperance Magistrate's Court on December 3.

Dobson was at the Pier Hotel on November 16.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Carolyn Petersen said at 11.50pm staff called police for urgent help to shut the pub down.

Snr Constable Petersen said a large brawl had erupted inside the venue and at least 20 people were fighting at that time.

She said Dobson appeared "extremely aggressive and intoxicated" and was swearing and trying to push through to continue fighting as others held him back. Other pub goers led him outside, but he tried to get back in.

Police attempted to arrest him and an officer put one handcuff on his wrist.

Dobson responded by shouting obscenities and threatening to 'smash' the officer's 'head in', Constable Petersen said.

The court was told Dobson tried to pull his arms away and other officers had to assist. He held onto a gate and tried to pull free.

He was tasered and handcuffed. Dobson was issued with a move on notice and taken to the hospital to remove the taser probe from his back.

Dobson's lawyer, Pamela Oram, said her client accepted what police alleged and said he didn't remember the incident.

Ms Oram said he appeared drunk because he had been hit from behind and this had knocked him out and "scrambled him".

She said her client had been trying to stop a fight between two other men after one of them had hit a female and this was when he was 'king-hit'.

Ms Oram said he was "absolutely shocked" when he discovered what police alleged, but took responsibility.

She said he had addressed past mental health and alcohol issues and hadn't broken the law or consumed alcohol to excess since 2014.

Magistrate Adam Hills-Wright asked why he was at the pub. Dobson replied he had been having dinner and, after wishing a young man a happy birthday, he was on his way home before being assaulted.

Snr Constable Petersen said a large number of people had to be evicted and the offender had made the job for police much more difficult than it needed to be.

"A message needs to be sent to the community that this is absolutely unacceptable," she said.

Magistrate Hills-Wright said when he first read the facts of the case he considered a jail term.

The magistrate said Dobson had been jailed for violent offending in 2010, but conceded his last offences were five years ago.

The man was given a global fine of $3500 and charged $225.90 in court costs.

The Express understands more people will appear in court over the brawl at a later date.