Shire of Esperance council approves Castletown holiday home with conditions

Council voted 8-1 to approve the application for a holiday house on Cavanagh Court. Photo: Jake Dietsch.
Council voted 8-1 to approve the application for a holiday house on Cavanagh Court. Photo: Jake Dietsch.

With neighbours on a Castletown street divided, the Shire of Esperance council has attempted to take a balanced approach.

An application for a change from a 'dwelling' to a 'holiday house' was approved at 4, Cavanagh Court in Castletown on November 26.

Applicant Gregory Hill received a mix of support and objections from adjoining neighbours.

Two neighbours spoke to council the week before the vote and expressed concerns about noise, difficulties in regulating short stay accommodation and potential issues with parking.

Mr Hill said the house would only be used 30 per cent of the time by holiday makers and promised to limit the number of guests.

He said his property had space for five vehicles and so street parking would not be an issue.

Cr Ron Chambers moved that council accept shire staff's recommendation to approve the home with conditions. However, Cr Chambers added that council review the permit after the first 12 months.

The councillor said this would allow council to rectify the situation if neighbour's concerns eventuated.

"This is the fairest way to go forward," he said.

This is the fairest way to go forward.

Cr Ron Chambers.

Speaking against the motion, Cr Piercey said she had inspected the cul de sac and understood concerns about rubbish trucks being able to turn throughout the street if there were additional cars parked along the road.

Cr Jennifer Obourne seconded Cr Chamber's motion, but empathised with the objections.

"I support this motion because I wanted to find a balanced approach between being open to business and providing tourists accommodation and the genuine concerns of neighbours," she said.

"I think a cul de sac is not the right place for a holiday home. People would have bought a house there expecting it to be a quiet place."

However, Cr Obourne said this motion would allow council to revoke the application after a year if neighbours were still unhappy.

The motion was passed 8-1, with Cr Piercey against.

There are nine conditions attached to Mr Hill's approval. These include that he can't have more than eight guests at a time and guests are not allowed to park on the verge.