Esperance Police to charge five girls for vandalising wet concrete

Five girls to be charged over concrete vandalism

Five girls will be charged for allegedly causing nearly $10,000 in damage to shire works near the Dempster and Andrew Street roundabout.

Police allege a 12-year-old, three 13-year-olds and a 14-year-old were involved in the incident at about 5pm on Wednesday, November 6.

Esperance Police Senior Sergeant Justin Tarasinski said the girls used their fingers to write a number of tags in wet concrete.

"They haven't done it in a shallow manner. They've used the full length of their fingers," Snr Sergeant Tarasinski said.

"In one pad in the concrete, one of [the girls] has walked the full distance. There were footprints that were about 5cm to 6cm deep all the way through it.

"The entire pad had to be ripped up and started again from scratch and some of the other works that were linked also had to be redone."

The five juveniles will each face one count of Criminal Damage by Graffiti. Four of the girls were locals and one was from out of town. Three of the girls have already been charged and investigations into the other two are ongoing.

Snr Sergeant Tarasinksi described the vandalism as "significant" and "disappointing".

"You're looking at nearly $10,000 worth of damage to the Esperance ratepayers," he said.

"That's the most significant factor here. It is really disappointing and you can understand the frustration from the Esperance locals.

"That's money where their rates are going that can't be used for more productive things in the community."

Snr Sergeant Tarasinksi said police believed there was one 'ringleader' and the rest of the girls had gone along with her.

He said the five girls had no criminal record and, under the Youth Offender's Act, it would proceed through the Juvenile Justice Team, and would not go to court.

Snr Sergeant Tarasinski said it would be difficult to seek reparations equivalent to the damage, but police would ask for the girls to do some work with the shire as a consequence.