The Line-up: Hip hop to excite Esperance music scene

Hip Hop has seen an epic rise over the past two decades, and its quite safe to say that its popularity has eclipsed rock and roll particularly when looking at the younger demographic. Through High School I could never really get my head around Hip Hop, Eminem stormed the charts and threw the genre wide open. I stood on the edges shaking my head, what exactly is happening here. Not long later I began listening to Rage Against the Machine and everything slowly started to make sense. I'm a convert now to the point that one of my top five acts Jurassic Five is pure Hip Hop (at its finest if you don't know them you should check them out).

It comes as no surprise that Esperance has thrown up some great local Hip Hop acts. Josh Holdaway continues to do well in Perth, Keanu Stewart got amongst the local scene for quite some time, Jonah and Tye throw down a great brand of Hip Hop and the one only female artist Doctor Tasty is certainly turning heads. Over the past year Morgan Kelly aka Dr Tasty has performed 3 shows under the KyzaPresents banner, each time growing more confident in her vocals and fluid in her performance. Morgan has been creating her own tunes for some time now, a wealth of great material can be found on her Instagram page. Dr Tasty's style is quickly apparent through her online videos, a quick wit and calculated lyricism give way to a vocal delivery that is fast, uninterrupted and with a touch a venom, which is likely what leads to a dynamic live performance. Tasty's tunes get you bouncing from start to finish. Im absolutely stoked to have Tasty performing on upcoming all women line up of Balmy Nights.

Morgan will be joined at Balmy Nights by another brilliant South WA Rapper, indigenous artist MissGenius (pictured) based out of Kalgoorlie. I find it hard to believe that Missgenius had her first live show in April 2018. From that point she was whisked into the WA music industry having played some stellar shows and receiving positive recognition across the board, latest of which include being nominated for 3 WAMawards. I've seen MissGenius perform three times, and each time I'm stunned by her lyrical ability. MissG voices her lyrics so clearly, you are drawn in by the imagery, and you feel you know her on a deeper level by the time her set is complete. I can't wait for Esperance to be introduced to her music. Balmy Nights will be held on Saturday, November 16 in the Cannery Round Garden. Tickets can be found at