Esperance Sea Dragon duo enter Rottnest Channel Swim

Two Esperance teens will take on an epic 19.7km swim in open water, and are asking the community for support.

Maddie McGrinder, 16, and Ben Murgatroyd, 15, will compete in the Rottnest Channel Swim from Cottesloe Beach to Rottnest Island on February 22, next year.

Maddie and Ben have entered as a duo in the 28+ division, calculated by combining their ages.

A rigorous training routine started on Sunday, November 3, with a 5km swim at a local beach.

Every week they will average 20kms, in addition to gym training, to improve their speed and ensure they're up to the task.

The event is the longest swim either of the Esperance Sea Dragon members have ever entered and they hope it will promote their local club.

"We are very excited, it's a great experience," Maddie said,

"We don't have a lot of big competitions that we get to. It's really great for the club to have us in something so widely known."

The duo are still seeking support from additional sponsors to help cover the costs of travel and hiring a boat.

The Esperance Sea Dragons and Quick 'n' Clean Car Wash are already on board.

Maddie and Ben will be designing a T-Shirt, which will display all of their sponsors.

Updates, from training to the race, can be followed @benaddies_rotto on Instagram.

While acknowledging the scale of competition, the two swimmers are quietly confident about their chances.

"We did pretty good pace on Sunday," Maddie said.

"If we keep working on that and increasing our time, I think we have a pretty decent chance. But we don't know who we'll be up against."

Any business interested in sponsoring them can call Rachel McGrinder on 0427 985 680 or can contact Maddie and Ben through their Instagram page.