Pink Lake man jailed for burglary and assault

A 32-year-old Pink Lake man has been jailed for three years after breaking into a man's residence and stabbing him 14 times.

Jeremy Michael Geofrey Prince pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary and unlawful wounding in Esperance District Court today, October 21, before Judge Linda Petrusa.

State prosecutor Laura Hamilton told the court Prince and the victim were both living at the Bushlands Caravan Park in Pink Lake.

The two had been friends, but had then had a series of escalating altercations.

On New Years Day, 2018, between 8.50pm and 9.10pm Prince went to the victim's caravan with a tyre puncture repair tool.

The offender believed the victim had damaged his father's car and went to seek revenge. Earlier, the two had had a fight, but Prince was unhappy with the police response and took the law into his own hands.

When Prince got to the victim's vehicle,he was spotted and the two started arguing.

The victim locked himself in his caravan. Prince then removed a fly-screen and entered.

The victim swung a baseball bat as Prince approached, but the offender easily overpowered him because the victim was drunk.

Prince stabbed the man 14 times, leaving him with 17 scars. He hit him on the torso, arm, neck and back and broke the skin between his chest and lung.

The offender continued hitting him even as he lay on the ground, and then left him injured.

The victim managed to drive himself to the hospital.

The man's impact statement reported a punctured lung, sleep difficulties and ongoing pain.

Police arrested Prince on the night of the assault and the offender admitted his anger had prompted his actions.

Prince's lawyer Ken Robson described his client as "intelligent" and said: "his problem is anger management".

Judge Petrusa said Prince had an extensive record for a range of offences, including possessing child exploitation material and violent offences.

The judge accepted Prince had a troubled upbringing, including periods of homelessness, and accepted that he had pleaded guilty at the earliest reasonable opportunity.

However, the judge said his actions were "persistent" and the fact that it occurred at the victim's home made it worse.

"When burglaries occur in the sanctity of a person's home, it is more serious," she said.

After being sentenced, Prince asked Judge Petrusa if he could speak, but he was told he could not because the sentence had already been handed down.

As he was led from the court, Prince said the victim was a "scumbag" who had "fabricated" the incident.

"I should've f... killed him," Prince said.

Judge Petrusa made Prince eligible for parole after serving 18 months. His sentence was backdated to September 6.