Esperance Jetty maintenance costs and estimated start-time

Image: Shire of Esperance.
Image: Shire of Esperance.

The average annual maintenance cost for the new jetty is estimated to be $60,000, according to the Shire of Esperance.

Director of asset management Mathew Walker said the shire had budgeted for about $60,000 in maintenance per year.

"That's annualised, so we won't have to spend $60,000 each year. But we might have to do the anodes and that would be an expensive task. But we'd only have to do that every five to 10 years," Mr Walker said.

The shire hopes to start demolition of the existing jetty in late November, with construction expected to start about March, 2020.

The tender for the construction was awarded on October 1 to Maritime Constructions in a 7-1 council vote.

Maritime Constructions general manager western region Imran Lambay said the project would employ about 20 people, with 50 per cent locals and one or two unskilled labourers.

With five spots on council up for grabs at the October 19 election, Mr Lambay said he couldn't comment on what would happen if the decision to award his company the tender was rescinded.

He said the company had not considered if it was possible to accept an alternative design presented by a new council.

"We bid a tender based on the tender documents in front of us, not on something that might happen," Mr Lambay said.

While the tender guarantees 40 per cent local and regional content, Mr Lambay confirmed the steel for the pylons would come from China. This will comprise 9 per cent of the value of the jetty.

Mr Lambay said no one in Australia could do this work.

The jetty will be built in stages, meaning sections can be opened before construction is complete.

Mr Lambay said if things went to plan, the first sections of the jetty could be opened to the public by mid-2020.

Shire chief executive officer Matthew Scott said he did not believe there were any other appeals that could delay the project, but stopped short of ruling it out.