Esperance Express, Letters to the editor October 11 edition

Letters to the editor

Time for good governance 

Elections bring out many groups.

Those who have been crying in the wilderness for justice and good governance and others who actually think that that is what we have been having.

To name a couple; those who exhort us to "avoid one-issue candidates" are obviously unaware that the three groups most mentioned, to wit; Ratepayers Association, Friends of the Esperance Tanker Jetty and those opposed to the Myrup landfill catastrophe are really endeavoring to save us from ridiculous incompetence and wastage of more millions of our dollars.

Unfortunately, if the hurried letting of the contract for the jetty is upheld demolition and reconstruction could cost us closer to $10 million when the 30 per cent contingency and cost of destroying the present jetty is taken into account.

Next, the Myrup site purchase was enabled by the shire president's casting vote in the absence of a councillour who had voted against it and who consequently almost saved millions with absolutely nothing to show for it.

There are landfill sites by the dozen within 50km of town which could be prepared for a few thousand dollars and last for scores of years.

We already have our recycling area and trans-shipping space so what is the problem? And, lastly, those who have been endeavouring to get better service from the council have more on their mind than "one issue" and could be better for us than their predecessors so what about giving them a chance?

Merv Andre, Esperance. 

It's time to accept the facts

With the $4 million grant from the federal government's Building Better Regions fund there were conditions that included the construction of the jetty to be new and not a refurbished/rebuilt jetty. Another condition was that it had the approval of all of the relative state bodies. If these and other conditions were not met then the grant would be cancelled.

These two major conditions have been met and the jetty is ready to start its building. Currently, some of the new candidates are being coy about how they will vote on the jetty if they are elected. Clearly, if they vote that the existing jetty be rebuilt then that $4 million will not be available and the erection of a jetty will continue to be a non event.

I cannot see a state Labor government, being generous in pork barreling an electorate they would find difficult to ever win.

It is an unfortunate position where the Friends of the Jetty have painted themselves into a corner by continuing to fight for a rebuild when it's not possible for them to succeed.

They are either ignoring the facts or being deliberate in not informing the residents and being incredibly naive in believing the federal government will change their grant conditions to support a broken jetty.

The fear of their loss of face seems to be the ruling factor in their actions. The poll unnecessarily asked whether the people wanted a jetty in Esperance, not asking what materials should be used. Of the 8000 claimed responses, less the nonresidents and cartoon characters, the count was down to roughly 3000.

That poll was nothing to do about construction materials, only about the request for a jetty. If haven't voted yet, may I suggest you consider this and support those candidates who really do want to build a jetty for everyone to enjoy as soon as practicable.

John Honey, Esperance.

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