Josh Usher catches huge Murray Cod in Copeton Dam

Josh Usher lands a 135cm Murray Cod at Copeton Dam.
Josh Usher lands a 135cm Murray Cod at Copeton Dam.

He took advantage of an afternoon off work, called up a mate to head out to for a flick not knowing what he was about to catch.

Josh Usher, from Inverell in NSW's New England region, set a personal best when he caught a 133-centimetre Murray Cod in January.

He wasn't expecting to reel in another huge Copeton Dam monster anytime soon.

"I didn't think it was possible to beat until this 135-centimetre [cod] hit the mat," he said.

Before dark, the pair started casting lures on a bank that "had been holding some nice fish". It was about an hour after dark when he got the bite.

"I didn't know at this time it was going to be my biggest fish I have landed out of Copeton until it was in the net. Only then, as it took the two of us to safely land and get a couple of quick pics before sending the monsters back for some other lucky angler to land in the future," he said.

The 135-centimetre Murray Cod would have weighed more than 100 pounds according to Josh, and as for Copeton Dam.

"We definitely have the best Murray Cod fishery in Australia and I will be looking to catch another iconic fish like this in the future," he said.

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