A great week of shooting competition

Solid effort: Ray Hurley points to his impressive second place in the Duke. Photo: Esperance Rifle Club.
Solid effort: Ray Hurley points to his impressive second place in the Duke. Photo: Esperance Rifle Club.

Rifle club members are back to reality after a fabulous week of competition at Pinjar Rifle Range for 2019 Queens Competition and all that goes with it. Wind straight up the range with little flicks each way to keep you on your toes seemed easy after the savage mirage and wind direction changes at W.A's major event for 2019.

Fifteen members were present for the 500 yard event on Saturday the 5th of October. None better than Ray Hurley his 60.7 a masterful show of concentration and showing he has stepped up the learning curve towards reading the wind correctly. Well done Ray, impressive to say the least. He followed with a 58.5 to win off rifle in F Open posting 118.12 and exactly 100 for his handicap points. I might add the lonesome leader right on handicap. Leith Hill also had a pretty good hit recording 115.8 off rifle to be 2nd. Rene Drew 3rd scored 113.3 followed by Adrian Moffat 111.8 and John Stuart rounded out the division with 104.2 with his Ackley Improved 223.

F Standard had Ian Newman in front scoring, 113.2 followed by Ellen Moffat with 109.2 then Terry Neville scoring 108.2 leaving Shane Mortimer rounding out the division with 104.3. The wind was flicking about and caught most as the flags lifted and fell in an instant. FTR had Dalene Mortimer with 104.1 and Ken Mortimer scoring a straight 100. Obviously the tiny 223 projectile influenced by the wind a great deal more than the heavier projectiles of the larger calibres used by most of the competitors.

Graham Donovan managed 48.2 and 49.2 with his iron sights resting on his elbows shooting in the rain with water covering the corrective lens to add to the challenge. His score 97.4 was okay finishing in 2nd place in the handicap race. Leith Hill continues his good form finished 3rd in the handicap.

Hunting Class saw Marcus Moffat win the day with 96.7 with his 6.5 Creedmoor rifle and Gerry Harp second scoring 94.2.

The best two scores from the last three outings had Ellen Moffat 3rd with 201, Adrian Moffat 2nd scoring 202 and winning the $50 for the best score of 203 was Ray Hurley Well done Ray. Dropping just 2 points for the last three shoots. A brilliant effort.

This Saturday will be shot over 600 yards competition will start at 1.30 p.m. he club rifle is back so visitors can come out and try their luck at big bore shooting. See you on the mound.