Esperance clean up success

The Keep Esperance Beautiful crew took to Norseman Road for their latest clean up initiative on Sunday, October 6, collecting a trailer full of litter.

A group of eleven dedicated volunteers braved the cold and collected more than 40 bags of trash along a two kilometre stretch of Norseman Road.

Volunteers donned gloves and trash bags collecting as much rubbish as they could along the roadside and in the surrounding bushland.

Keep Esperance Beautiful coordinator Noel Fleming said although the event saw a smaller turnout than usual, the volunteers made a significant impact.

"We did a two kilometre section and because it was the main roads we were restricted to what we could and couldn't do but we've done a really good job," he said.

"It makes the scene clean, it gives you a sense of enjoyment and meeting local environmentally conscious people and the more the better.

"The more we do the less there is and the impact is really noticeable over the last two or three months, there has been a big drop in the amount of roadside trash.

"I think the effort volunteers are putting in each time is starting to show."

This clean up event saw the debut of the group's new rubbish collection mesh cage fabricated by society member Chook Henderson using materials donated by Cleanaway.

Mr Fleming said the new trailer made collecting piles of rubbish bags accumulated over the two hour clean up much easier for volunteers and would be a great time saver for future events.

"In the past we've put them on the side of the road and gone back an hour and a half later and the birds have already got to them and they are ripped apart and there's rubbish everywhere," he said.

Keep Esperance Beautiful will host their next clean up event on Sunday, November 3, with the location soon to be announced.

Families and people of all ages are encouraged to attend.

For more information about Keep Esperance Beautiful contact Noel Fleming on 0412 279 181 or visit their Facebook page.