Great turnout for Esperance Rifle Club

Esperance Rifle Club member Rene Drew. Photo: Supplied.
Esperance Rifle Club member Rene Drew. Photo: Supplied.

Another great turn out for the Esperance Rifle Club Saturday the 7th of September. Three hundred yards saw seventeen competitors line up for the shortest distance and they blew the middle out of the target with fantastic shooting. Some 104 projectiles inside 32 millimetres is fancy shooting in anyone's language. There was none better than Martin Viviers contesting in F Open with his 7mm 284. His first dispatch, impressive recording 60.7 then following up with a perfect score of 60.10. Wow that is just fantastic shooting and showing the load development is on track for the coming Queens competition at the end of this month.

Another to do well was Joel Wickstein earning himself a double possible as well. Joel's scores 60.5 each dispatch. A brilliant effort for the FTR rifle. Others to do extremely well were Leith Hill 119.15, Ray Hurley 119.13 F Open. Brian Bridges recorded 118.8, Adrian Moffat 117.7, Ian Newman, 116.7, Mike Henley, 116.5, Mike Welke 115.8 Ellen Moffat 115.7 Terry Neville 113.8 after his fist effort of 59.4 showing everyone he is almost back to his best after a change of projectiles. John Stuart rounded out the F Class Open division scoring 113.5. Black powder saw Patrick Wrigley score an impressive 95.3 with the old muzzle loader. A very solid effort with the ancient technology.

Hunting Class had four contestants and none better than Gerry Harp scoring a very competitive 99.10 to claim the "Off Rifle " honours from son Josh with 93.9 and Marcus Moffat 3rd scoring 93.4and Gary Ripp 91.5.

The boys are doing very well with their hunting rifles, shooting from a bi-pod and rear bag showing improvement each week as they come to understand their rifles and loading technics with regular practice.

The handicap places were as follows, Gerry Harp 1st 109, Martin Viviers 2nd 102, Joel Wickstein 3rd 102 and Brian Bridges 4th 102. Then four F Open members all on 101 including Ray Hurley, Adrian Moffat, John Stuart and Leith Hill showing the handicapper has got the tricky skill of handicapping much closer. This Saturday the 14th of September will be shot over 400 yards, Visitors are welcome and competition will start at 1.30 p.m. See you on the mound.