Local shooters battle tough conditions

Locked and Loaded: Club member Leith Hill gets ready to take his best shot. Photo: Esperance Rifle Club.
Locked and Loaded: Club member Leith Hill gets ready to take his best shot. Photo: Esperance Rifle Club.

Seventeen members braved the frontal fishtail at 700 yards Saturday the 31st of August. The biggest number the club has had at the longest range for some time, and fantastic to see. Four Hunting Class competitors were Keen as Mustard, pardon the pun, to take on the challenge of shooting from the longest distance from the most elevated mound into what looked like very tough conditions. Thirty plus kilometres into your face, gusting to thirty six or eight kilometres and changing direction left to right then right to left in the blink of an eye. Projectiles switching from the middle to 15 inches outside the bull or 375 millimetres either left or right and some jumping up the target the same distance. Interesting to say the least.

Leith Hill competing in F Open Division showed fantastic concentration to record 58.3 and 57.4 for his two dispatches meaning he placed his projectiles into a seven inch or 175 millimetre group fifteen times out of twenty shots in those conditions a splendid achievement. Hill won the day, 115.7 off rifle and 98 handicap scores. The closest person to him was Martin Viviers scoring 108.5, followed by Ray Hurley with 108.2 then Adrian Moffat 106.1, Rene Drew a flat 100 and John Stuart managed 88 with the little 223 Ackley improved.

F Standard also had issues with lower than average scores, Terry Neville won the top rifle award with a score of 104.3 followed by Brian Bridges with 103, then Ellen Moffat 100.1, Ian Newman was getting buffeted by the wind shooting from his bench and scored 98.1. So some rough scores there in the trying conditions. Joel Wickstein was the lonely FTR member and his scores well below his average. A 47.1 and followed by a flat 47 disappointing for the young chap as he has been averaging at least one possible each outing. Graham Donovan our only traditional member with his Target Rifle scored a couple of 46.2's again below his average but enough to claim 2nd place in the handicap race and Ray Hurley as 3rd on a countback from Adrian Moffat & Martin Viviers also on 90. Hunting Class ad Marcus Moffat on top with 93.5 followed by Alex Liveris with 90.4, Andy Nolan 89.5 and rounding out the new class, Gerry Harp with 82.3.

The best two handicap scores from the last three ranges had Graham Donovan winning the $50 with 203 from Ray Hurley 202 and Leith Hill 3rd with 199. This Saturday will see the start of the last six ranges for the 2019 season commencing from the 300 yard mound. Two dispatches of 2 optional sighters followed by 10 scoring shots and starting at 1.30 p.m. Visitors are welcome to attend to try out the sport of long range shooting in a controlled environment with observers and range officers present to guarantee safety on the mound. See you on the mound.