Gibson claims second consecutive premiership

The Grand Final was played at Gibson Oval on August 31 in blustery conditions and, with both sides having periods of inaccuracy, Gibson finally prevailed by 27 points over Esperance.

The Tigers started the game well and controlled the opening five minutes. It was Sean Lindsay, playing as a defensive forward on Brendon White, who scored the first major.

Esperance then found the pace of the game and had a 15-minute period of dominance that saw five potential goals miss the target, before Reece Griffiths opened Esperance's goal tally at the 20-minute mark.

The Bulldogs would rue their missed opportunities, as they should have held a healthy lead and had Gibson on the back foot.

Some great defensive efforts from Kaden Neill and the energy from Jonah Symonds in attack was causing all sorts of headaches for Gibson, but unlike the second Semi-Final, Gibson's chase and tackle stayed strong and they scored late goals from Lindsay and Callum McFarlane.

To go into the break leading by seven points was a huge bonus to the home side after Esperance probably should have won the quarter.

The second term saw Gibson then return the favour with two easy misses from McFarlane.

Travis Stewart pushed up the field a little further and began to influence play, while midfielders Aogan McCallion, Patch Jannings and Ash Bowman were hitting targets, making it hard for Esperance's defense.

McFarlane's ability to hold his ground and then take marks was frustrating Jaden Symonds, and he slotted through his third shot on goal for the quarter.

Jake Graham was busy, showing strength and balance to set up McCallion who scored Gibson's fifth goal.

Gibson really used the ball well this quarter.

They had a composed possession game that kept the ball away from Esperance, resulting in a goalless quarter for the Bulldogs.

Youngsters Sam Johnston, Matt Rogers and Breez Pirangi were also smart with their kicking, and provided the leg speed Gibson needed to keep the ball in attack.

For Esperance, none tried harder than Jurgens Thiart, Kahn Wyatt and Liam Baines.

Shane Kirkup kept getting midfield possessions, but despite Gibson winning the quarter, they hadn't put Esperance away.

The half-time score was Gibson 5.8 (38) to Esperance 1.9 (15).

The crowd was expecting Esperance to turn it on at some stage, as they have the ability to rack up big scores quickly.

Sam Franzone started dominating hit outs and tried hard to lift his side.

Jonah Symonds was again on top and scored Esperance's second goal.

Ryan Anthony came on and scored another and Jake Douglas slotted through a major from a tight angle.

Brendon White became the general in the back line and tried to switch play wide and often to break up Gibson's rhythm.

Both sides kept up a strong attack on the ball and the tackling from either side was still prevalent.

In between this, Gibson scored goals from Sam Fetherstonhaugh and McFarlane to still hold a 19-point lead going into the final term.

Esperance came out in the last quarter trying to overrun their opposition and, after a promising 10 minutes, still hadn't kicked that goal to bring their supporters to life.

Many behinds were rushed through by Gibson, but Esperance did squander some good opportunities.

Gibson's Matt Rogers was having a great game down back and Brad Skinner repelled many attacks.

However, the biggest turnaround was Brenton Bridges' efforts in the ruck.

He outplayed Franzone to get Gibson's little blokes some supply and the Tigers got rolling after the 15-minute mark.

Patch Jannings scored the back-breaking goal after an Esperance turn over and one more Gibson goal from the goal square by Giles McMeikan saw them safely to the premiership flag.

Final score- Gibson 9.14 (68) to Esperance 4.17 (41).

The Berwyn Davies Medal went to Patch Jannings who completes the treble and Best Under 21 went to Sam Johnston.

B Grade

Final score- Gibson 8.2 (50) defeating Esperance 3.9 (27).

Best Gibson- Scott Wandel, Henry Barlow, Russell Creedon, Tyson Tate and Hayden Martin.

Best Esperance- Conway Clinch, Theunis De Bruin, Rowan Hogg, Sheldon Graham and Dylan Mumford.