One of the best designs in Australia

The success of Midland Stockyards can be attributed to the extensive farming and yard design experience of founders Joe and Carol Forrest.

Both are ex-farmers who have remained associated with the agricultural industry, even after their move to Perth from Hyden.

They have experience in most areas of agriculture, including livestock, machinery development and manufacture, releasing their sheep yard range five years ago.

Midland Stockyards are pleased with the way farmers have accepted the well designed and built yards with very positive feedback.

Midland Stockyard plans are based on a basic bugle design, with opportunities to adapt to individual requirements by their in-house design ability.

Their promise of 'quality yards at ridiculous prices' has drawn a huge amount of sales and inquiries.

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"We do not take this for granted, with great effort put into improvements and listening to end-users - farmers," a spokesperson said.

"The modular design of the yard components allows for ease of transportation, erection, flexibility to swap panels for PA gates, marking panels, gates, double-fold gates etc as the panels are the same dimensions to assist in the efficiency in handling sheep, cattle and other livestock."

"The choices available are portable, relocatable and permanent designs, depending on the requirements."

"Our new pipe panels sold in bundles of 10 are in stock now."

"Another addition to our stocks are permanent posts to make the relocatable yards semi-permanent."

"We have also introduced hay feeders, diamond sets, double-fold gates, marking panels and PA gates also for cattle that are popular."

Midland Stockyards team members Paul, Scott and Jeremy are excited to be attending the Newdegate Field Days this year and will be able to help you with your enquiries.