Coerco's tanks are litres ahead of the rest

Newdegate Machinery Field Days | Coerco

Differences in fuel prices driving you nuts? Need bulk fuel for your operations? Want to take advantage of cheap fuel prices but don't know where to begin?

The storage of diesel is an integral part of on-site management for many industries and businesses.

Whether you need to run a static plant or to refuel mobile equipment, it's reasonable to have an available supply of diesel ready for use in order to expand your operations.

Storing diesel, however, comes with a challenge.

You need to protect it from its common enemies, namely corrosion, contamination (such as from water) and the possibility of leakage.

How can you possibly stay protected from all of these? Imagine a diesel storage tank that addresses these common problems.

One that makes you worry less while allowing you sufficient access to diesel fuel whenever you need it. It's totally possible.

Thanks to roto-moulded polyethylene storage tanks, a new and improved alternative to metal.

For a long time, the use of metal diesel storage tanks has been the only option for on-farm diesel storage.

But this comes with more challenges than should be acceptable.

Thus, it's a good thing the use of plastic polyethylene tanks for the minor storage of combustible liquids is now permitted.

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Why choose poly?

Long-lasting and resistant to impact damage, these are just some of the benefits of poly.

Top-grade polyethylene tanks, such as Coerco's bulk diesel storage tanks, are made from Alkatuff polyethylene, a type of poly that's certified the best choice for storing diesel.

Coerco is highly aware of the tough conditions their tanks have to withstand.

They have 100 per cent internal quality control of their manufacturing process from start to finish so they can ensure their products meet your high standards. Because you deserve no less.

Poly advantages

  • Polyethylene diesel storage tanks are more lightweight than steel, making setup and transportation less demanding and less expensive.
  • Polyethylene is an insulator, which slows the exchange of heat from the outside atmosphere to the diesel.
  • Polyethylene is robust. Its shape may distort under certain pressure, but these distortions can be pushed back into shape with little to no harm to the integrity of the tank.
  • Poly diesel storage tanks will not rust, unlike steel diesel storage tanks which naturally corrode over time, especially when not properly maintained.

Don't be at the mercy of fluctuating fuel prices, take matters into your own hands and say goodbye to the common problems associated with diesel storage with a Coerco diesel storage tank.

Want a close-up view?

Coerco's 10,000-litre diesel storage tank will be on display at the Newdegate Field Days at machinery site number 125.