Throwback Thursday- A look back at 10 years ago in the Esperance Express

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It's our favourite time of the week, a chance to reflect on the changes in Esperance, the faces and the fun that was being had 10 years ago this week.

The Shire of Esperance's sand re-nourishment program was causing controversy all the way back in August of 2009.

Residents living along the Esplanade were calling on the Esperance Port and the Esperance Shire to implement a long-term solution to foreshore erosion.

The group of residents living between the Tanker Jetty and Brazier Street said they were frustrated at the quickfix solution of dumping sand along the foreshore, and wanted to see the then 20-year-old problem addressed.

Group spokesperson Neil Wandel said that residents wanted the port and the shire to work together to create a long-term solution to protect the beach and nearby infrastructure.

"Dumping sand each winter is not an effective solution to the ongoing problem we face with foreshore erosion," Mr Wandel said in 2009.

"Dumping sand is a costly exercise and it's far more sensible to invest this money into developing a long-term solution than watching it wash away with the tide every year."

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