Newtown-Condingup claims victory

Newtown-Condingup came from behind at half time to overrun Ports in Sunday's first semi-final clash at Ports Oval.

The game saw Newtown-Condingup win by 40 points to move on to the preliminary final.

Ports had a lot of quality ball in the first term but, alas, inaccuracy cost them a bigger quarter lead.

Jack Adams and Sam Curnow scored goals, but five other shots were possible.

Newtown-Condingup rallied late in the term and, with goals to both Clarry Green and Alex McCallum, managed to find themselves just three points in arrears.

The second term saw each side add a further two goals and Ports hold a one point lead at half time.

Max Witham was winning his fair share of ruck knocks against Jacob Wagenknecht but Wagenknecht was busier around the ground.

Jacob Buckley and Zac Liddelow were setting the tone for hard work and courage for Ports.

Jake Pennington and Nigel Johnston provided the strength and marking prowess in defence.

The game seemed destined to be a tight low scoring affair, but 200 game player Brett Trocinski had other thoughts.

Trocinksi ran himself ragged in the third term at centre half forward, providing the link that was lacking until then.

Craig Henderson, Kyron McKenzie and Jordan Cummins upped their output and, with a willingness to play on quicker, they began to make holes in Ports' defence.

The trio managed to put on five unanswered goals to break Ports' resolve, before adding another five in the final term as they coasted to victory.

Jacob Oversby had an influence after half time for Newtown-Condingup, while big men Ash McDonald and Courtney Burnett took control in the air.

Newtown-Condingup's smaller guys then ran harder than their opposition, spreading and switching play and generally looked more composed with the ball as the game wore on.

In the face of the onslaught, Nigel Johnston stood tall with many intercept marks and Liam O'Callaghan turned in another tidy effort.


Newtown-Condingup 3.13 (41 points) defeated Ports 4.3 (27 points)

Best Newtown-Condingup players:

Mitch Greaves, Evan Willumsen, Rob Hart, Tom Knight and Brody Wickstein.

Best Ports players:

Jack Bennier, Daniel Parker, Ian Richardson, Dylan Hampel and Ken Spratt.

Round two of the finals will see Newtown-Condingup go head to head against Gibson at 2.30pm on Saturday, August 24, at the Esperance Football Oval.