Esperance defeat Gibson in Semi Final

Semi Final:

Esperance moved straight into the Grand Final with an excellent win over the previously unbeaten Tigers scoring 14.13 (97) to 8.9 (57).

The Bulldogs kicked with the wind in the opening term and got early scoreboard pressure on their opponents on the back of a rampant midfield, whose chase and tackles and general pressure had Gibson looking slow and indecisive.

Sam Franzone was controlling the ruck and then Rhys Wood, brother Braydon and Jurgens Thiart would tear in and win the football or make Gibson kick quickly out of the pack, which was mopped up by the half back line in Brendon White and Kaden Neill.

Esperance's forward line was functioning well thanks to the dominance of Jonah Symonds, who kicked truly twice in the first quarter and was marking the football better than anyone else in the greasy conditions.

He was also ferocious with his attack on the ball and putting on forward pressure.

Early goals to Ezra Davies and Jake Douglas in the second quarter saw the margin get out to 35 points before Gibson roused out of their slumber on the back of a yellow card to Kaden Neill.

They rattled on four goals on the back of Aogan McCallion, regaining some control in the centre and some run from Sam Johnson off the wing.

Callum McFarlane and Jake Graham got busy in attack and reduced the margin to 13 points and looked to be back in the contest.

However, Joel Bowerman scored a major for Esperance just before half time to take a handy buffer of 19 points into the main break.

The third quarter is often called the Premiership Quarter and this where Esperance ran away with the game.

A six goal to one term was Esperance at their best.

Their defence of Jayden Symonds, Kaden Neill and Brendon White gave the forwards plenty of supply.

Coby Cooper got busy, Ezra Davies and Jonah Symonds continued to wrack up goals and Rhys Wood continued harassing anyone with the ball.

Any hope of Gibson mounting a comeback in the last quarter with the aid of a stiff breeze disappeared when the heavens opened up to a torrential downpour.

Play got bogged down and moved from one congested pack to another for a good 15 minutes.

Gibson restricted Esperance to just one more goal with Brad Skinner and Sam Fetherstonhaugh sticking to their tasks in defence.

Jeremy Curry and Patch Jannings did some good work and Jake Barber came to life in attack but they could only muster two goals themselves.

Gibson has earned a second chance and must regroup to tackle Newtown-Condingup in a preliminary final.


Final score- Gibson 6.12 (48) defeating Esperance 1.5 (11).

Best Gibson- Ben Staunton, Dale Guest, Matt Horley, Tyson Tate and Brandon Lee.

Best Esperance- Aaron Woosman, Jordy Gray, Dylan Mumford, Connor Mill and Conway Clinch.