Rifle Club sees great results

Bulls eye: Rene Drew after scoring a magic 120.10 at 600 yards with his Batt Machine 7mm 284 rifle. Photo: Esperance Rifle Club.
Bulls eye: Rene Drew after scoring a magic 120.10 at 600 yards with his Batt Machine 7mm 284 rifle. Photo: Esperance Rifle Club.

The Esperance Rifle Club has been active and the scores indicate the members are getting on top of accuracy testing by posting plenty of great scores.

500 yards had twelve competitors for the day with five members posting the top score available for the scoped rifle divisions.

Brian Bridges had a terrific 119.15 including a 60.8 for his second dispatch.

Mike Henley had 119.10 for the two dispatches including 60.5 first time down. Ian Newman was also in the purple circle recording 118.8 including a magic 60.5 for second effort.

The conditions must have settled down as the day went as most of the high scores were recorded later in the day.

Adrian Moffat managed 116.5 with a possible again in his second dispatch scoring a tidy 60.4 in F Open.

Leith Hill was pipped by a single X Count by Brian Bridges for top rifle at 500.

Hills scores of 59.7 and 60.7 a very solid effort and a testament to his dedication to improve so much in his very first season as an F Open competitor.

Handicap winners for the day's effort saw Brian Bridges on top with 104 followed by Leith Hill with 102, Ian Newman 102 Ellen Moffat 102, and Ken Mortimer also on 102.

Mike Henley 101, Patrick Wrigley 100 (Black Powder) and Adrian Moffat also had 100 handicap points meaning all those competitors performed better than their average which is a credit to them all.

The best two scores from the last three ranges had Brian Bridges on top with 207.

Second Leith Hill with 206 and third place Mike Henley with 202.

Some very good handicap breaks there.

The new division of hunting rifle saw Andy Nolan, S Davis and Marcus Moffat test their skills.

None better than Marcus Moffat with his Howa 6.5 Creedmoor posting a double possible 100.12, Andy Nolan 2nd with 96.12 and Davis 3rd posting 90.2 for his first effort.

600 yards saw the best field for some time with 19 on the mound in pretty good conditions consisting of a gentle breeze and changing mirage cross range.

The breeze with light gusts pushed the projectiles about.

Again some excellent scores.

The best results being Rene Drew and Graham Donovan recording double possibles.

Drew competing in F Open was ecstatic as he has had many 119 plus X counts to his name and finally recorded a 120.10 and get his name on the prestigious Dunny seat lid.

Donovan also had a day out recording a terrific 100.14 to get his name on the lid yet again.

Great shooting by the pair of them.

Others to record possibles on the day were Ellen Moffat, 60.3, Dalene Mortimer 60.4, Joel Wickstein 60.2, Ray Hurley 60.6, Rene Drew 60.2 and 60.8 and Graham Donovan 50.6 and 50.8.

Some fantastic efforts there.

Top scores Drew 120.10, Leith Hill 118.10, and Ray Hurley 118.9 F Open. F Standard, Mike Henley115.8, Ian Newman 114.8 and Alex Liveris 112.5.

FTR saw Joel Wickstein on top with 118.5, Dalene Mortimer 114.5, Ken Mortimer 109.3.

Handicap winners had Drew on top 102, Donovan 2nd on countback 102 and Leith Hill 3rd 101.

Hunting class saw Marcus Moffat win off rifle with 99.5 and record another possible score of 50.01.

Gerry Harp 2nd with 95.6 and Andy Nolan 3rd with 94.10 had the highest V Bull count.

This Saturday competitors will move back to 600 metres, visitors are welcome and competition will start at 1.30p.m see you on the mound.