Gibson v Ports

Gibson finished off the home and away season with emphatic win over a struggling Ports side by 128 points.

This was Ports' third loss of at least this margin over the last three weeks and show how far they have slipped away as coach Dave Callow struggles to field a competitive side.

With five reserves players doubling up, the usual Colts doubling up and Cale Walker playing injured, he is frustrated with the excuses from some quarters.

In response to this, Gibson piled on eight goals eight, to one point in the opening term to effectively kill the game.

The emergence of Breez Pirgani through the middle of the ground would exciting the Tiger's bains trust as he continues to shine.

The back line wasn't over taxed during the day, but Ryan Leckie and Brad Skinner quickly put an end to most of Ports' forward movements.

Chris Tyrell amassed many possessions and was an excellent link man going into attack while Travis Stewart had a day out kicking eight goals for the game to sow up the seasons leading goal kicker.

Patch Jannings also kicked six goals of his own and received the five votes from the upmiers to snatch a 1-point win in the Hepburn Medal.

You could add many more who won their position on the ground as they dominated the match.

For Ports, none tried harder than Jacob Buckley.

He was willing to go deep into defence to help out, then have multiple touches on the way out but even he struggled to penetrate forward 50 and was forced sideways due to the lack of any true target in attack.

Zac Liddelow and Isaac Puna were great battlers against a wave of yellow and black throughout the game and Matt Spencer aws clean with the ball and did some good work.

Most of the players tried hard but found themselves out classed in too many positions.

Final Score- Gibson 24.17 () to Ports 5.3 (33).

B Grade

Gibson 6.10 (46) defeated Ports 3.4 (22).

Best Gibson- Luke Ricerby, Dave Bertola, Henry Barlow and Matt Horley.

Best Ports- Eugene Brown, Murray Smith, Kenneth Spratt, Daniel Erceg and Aaron Crocker.