Esperance trounces Newtown-Condingup in Round 12 match

Round 12: Esperance had a dominant performance over Newtown-Condingup 24.15 (159) to 7.3 (45) on August 10 at Newtown Oval.

Esperance had a solid five goal lead at quarter time and had effectively wrapped up the result by half time when they held a 13-goal lead.

The chase and tackle of the Bulldogs was back to their best and was superbly led by Joel Bowman with 14 at centre half forward.

This gave Esperance lots of turnovers that went straight back into attack for the lies of Recce Griffiths, Jake Douglas and Ezra Davies to kick multiple goals.

Griffiths was the best and had eight goals before Newtown-Condingup were forced to shift Courtney Burnett on to him to stem the bleeding.

Newtown-Condingup pushed numbers back to sure-up their defence and consequently struggled to get out of Esperance's wall.

Set up behind play when they did gain possessions Kaden Neill, Brendon White, Rohnan Brooking and Liam Baines were all effective backmen that shut the Lions out.

Jurgens Thiart and Sam Franzone were good in the middle and Brayden Wood, although not as dominant, was still a good player.

Brian Clinch celebrated his 100th game and in what could have been a fairy tale finish, had a shot for goal after the final siren, only to miss.

Newtown-Condingup had some players missing but would be devastated at their 114 point loss.

In a similar scenario to Ports, they had many players trying but lost all structure with a lack of good forwards.

Burnett played a vital role, Jordan Cummings, Craig Henderson, Matt McDonald and Ash McDonald were all up to the challenge, but the Bulldogs were just too good in most aspects of the game.

B Grade

Esperance- 14.7 (91) defeating Newtown-Condingup 5.6 (36).

Best Esperance- Dwayne Hillbrick, Western Whitby, Connor Mills, Peter Duffy and Aaron Woosman.

Best Newtown-Condingup- Tyler Barnes, Rob Hart, Jayman Butterworth and Gary Shawcross.


Ports 5.5 (35) defeating Esperance 2.4 (16).

Best Ports- Kate Maddams, Demi-Lee Barker and Bianca Bambra.

Best Esperance- Kellie Fly, Caitlin Zanker and Tenique Adams.