Esperance Primary School holds 'Destination Moon' Science Day

A meteor crash and an exciting range of space-themed activities made Science Day at Esperance Primary School a success.

The school held the day on August 9 around the National Science Week 2019 theme of 'Destination Moon: More missions, more science'.

The theme tied in with the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, as well as the 40th anniversary of Skylab's crash-landing in Esperance.

Year 4 teacher and Science coordinator Debra Sanger said the theme allowed students to discover and investigate not only past space programs, but also new programs and missions planned for the future.

"Our Science Day offers many opportunities to explore 'big picture thinking' when investigating, understanding and utilising science," Ms Sanger said.

"Through collaborative learning, innovation and hands on experiences, we are immersing our students in science and hopefully sparking a passion for the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths."

Science Day activities included making moon rocks, using coding and digital technologies to explore the moon and designing a space suit and a moon colony.

The day started with an alarm leading students to the discovery of the aftermath of a meteor landing.

'Chief scientist' and Esperance Senior High School head of Science Paul Kruger used liquid nitrogen to create the special effects.

Mr Kruger said the high school was more than happy to help local primary schools with science learning.

Ms Sanger thanked the Esperance Primary School staff who helped create such a memorable day and Mr Kruger for using his expertise to help the school.