Gibson claims 28-point win over Surfers

Photo: Jesinta Burton.
Photo: Jesinta Burton.

Round 11:

Esperance Netball Association players took to the court at the weekend, August 2 and 3, for round 11 of the 2019 netball season.

Friday evening saw division 1 teams Surfers and Gibson go head to head, in a great game by both teams.

Despite Gibson's 28 point win over the side, spectators insist the score didn't reflect the high quality play and skills presented.

The best players for Surfers were J Hartley and T Woods, while I Powell and R Jones were instrumental for Gibson.

United 1 were as strong as ever when they took on the Rookies on Friday evening in what was a fast-paced game through the centre court with great defense game from both sides.

In the end, United secured a 12-point win over Rookies and managed to retain its spot at the top of the ladder.

The win was greatly assisted by T Neill and M Nicholl, while players F Kennedy and C Rowe performed well for Rookies.

It was a very close game when Newtown and Mallee went head to head at the weekend.

Mallee took the lead in the second quarter, but Newtown managed to pull back in the third.

Spectators were on the edge of their seats in the nail-biting final quarter, but Mallee were able to pull away with the win 47 to 42.

Following the game, there is just one point separating the teams on the ladder.

The best players for Newtown were C Norris and T Tucker, while A Castelli and J Atherton were crucial for Mallee.

Division 2 saw a great game between Surfers and Newtown, which was well-contested by both teams.

In the end, Newtown's skills secured them a 21-point win over Surfers, finishing 46 to 25.

J Raszyk and T Dell'Agostino performed well for Surfers, while S Jones and A Timms were the stand out performers for Newtown.

It was a close and fast-paced game when Gibson and Mallee went head to head, with great defence displayed by both teams.

Gibson managed to claim the win by just 6 points, with the teams now even on the division two ladder.

N Strickland and J Gaebler played well for Mallee, while T Desmond and R Perks performed well for the winning side.

In division 3, Surfers claimed a 15-point win over United, in a hard fought game by both teams.

Despite the win, spectators claim United kept Surfers on their toes, thanks to the work of players J Moir and T Giles.

United's best players during the game were J Barber and Z Thomas.

Newtown were off to a great start before TDS managed to fight back and finish the game with a four point win.

B Devine and C Fazioli played well for Newtown, while M Hodges and B Timms were instrumental in helping TDS to secure the win.

Rookies and Gibson went head to head in a great game for both players and spectators at the weekend.

However, experienced Rookies shooter Renee Koch was a force to be reckoned with, helping the side to secure a 19-point win over Gibson.

Koch was assisted by fellow teammate M Nelson, while Z Fiegert and M O'Neill put up a fight to keep Gibson in the match.

Newtown 4 had a strong first quarter which helped to set them up with the win over Gibson 4.

The next three quarters were extremely competitive, with great skills and sportsmanship displayed by both teams.

In the end, Newtown secured a 22-point win over Gibson, with players S Walsh, E Raynor, L McWilliam and F Smith recognised as the stand outs for the game.

In division 4, Gibson 5 took on Rookies 4 in what was a well-played game by both teams.

However, Gibson's shooters were more accurate, helping them to come away with a 10-point win over the side.

The stand out players for Gibson were T Carter and M Christie, while K Lui and R Cole put up a great fight for Rookies.

Newtown 5 played a fantastic game went they went head to head against Gibson 5, securing a comfortable 39-point win over the side.

Gibson was well-equipped with players B Williams and R McGrinder, while E Torelli and S Thomas fought hard to keep Newtown in the game.

United 3 and Mallee 4 celebrated a great game by both teams, with great sportsmanship on display.

In the end, United claimed a 22 point victory over Mallee, with the help of players T Bridge and A Boast.

B Botha and S Higson performed well for Mallee, too.