Grand Casual prepares to release new single

Grand Casual's Kyron Smithson, Joe Franzone and Matt Cooper. Photo: Jonty Scoble.
Grand Casual's Kyron Smithson, Joe Franzone and Matt Cooper. Photo: Jonty Scoble.

After a busy few months of recording and planning, Esperance three-piece Grand Casual is set to release its single 'The Sound' on Saturday, July 20.

The band plan to celebrate the single's release with a launch at the Cannery Arts Centre on Saturday evening, joined by special guests Bodes and Tom Clark, playing two sets.

The classic blues-rock and roll single was developed shortly after drummer Joe Franzone joined the band in late 2017, according to lead singer Kyron Smithson.

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In April 2019, the band travelled to Perth to record over four days with Debaser Studio's Andy Lawson, coming away with five tracks in the process.

Over the next six weeks, Mr Smithson said the band undertook the task of mixing and mastering the songs before finally selecting a single.

"It was a really, really cool time," Mr Smithson said.

"It's been a hectic time, having to get our heads around how to release the song across all of the digital platforms.

"This is all really new to me, so it's been a learning process.

"We've done photoshoots and have recorded the vast part of the film clip to accompany the new single.

"It was a song that came really easily. It's a great track to dance to and always goes down really well with the audience.

"Every time we play it live, I think it's one for crowd interaction and getting people in the zone and enjoying themselves.

"It's really where Grand Casual started off and the next song that we release will be on the other end of the spectrum, a reggae rock sort of vibe.

"There is certainly a vast difference between the songs that we plan to release as singles from the upcoming EP."

The last 18 months have been especially busy for the band, travelling more than 1,200 kilometres co-headlining the Goldfields-Esperance Touring Circuit in April 2018, touring the state's South West in October and being nominated for the 2018 WAM regional award.

Looking back, Mr Smithson said the band had put in a lot of work and was now anxiously awaiting the single's response.

"Looking back at the work that we have put in over the last three months, it's really nice to get to this point," he said.

"There is a hell of a lot of work involved in doing this properly.

"We're still a bit anxious about how it is going to be received because the music we release will really be the kick off point and shape what we do for the next 18 months.

"So, there is that sort of anxiousness but excitement to see how those that have enjoyed Grand Casual's music before respond.

"Through this process, we've listened to it 1000 times and it's really hard to remain subjective."

Mr Smithson said the band had already planned a tour for late August and early September to tie in with the release and promote the new single.

As well as the tour, Grand Casual will host a free workshop at the Cannery Arts Centre on Friday afternoon, July 19, for those aged 12 and over to explore songwriting development.

"We were fortunate enough to be approached by WAM to run a series of workshops, supported by Act, Belong, Commit," Mr Smithson said.

"This workshop will really focus on how Grand Casual write as a band and methods for songwriting development.

"It's about creativity and the positive impact that that has on mental health and we're really rapt that it ties in with the launch."

Mr Smithson thanked the community for its unwavering support, as well as WAM's Em Burrows for the opportunity to host free workshops for the town.

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