United, Newtown battle ends in a draw

Photo: Stock Image.
Photo: Stock Image.

Division 1 saw a draw for Newtown 1 and United 1, when they went head to head at the weekend.

Despite a scrappy start to the game, Newtown's shots dropped well and the last quarter saw a real battle to end in a draw.

Best Players: T Adams, S Bridge, J Major, R Major.

Mallee 1 managed to secure a 30 point victory over Surfers 1, with Mallee's tight defence enough to win.

Best Players: A Castelli, C Warren, T Woods, J Hartley.

Gibson 1 secured the win over Rookies this weekend, finishing 52 to 43.

Both teams had fast passes and intercepts, but Gibson's shooting was the difference.

Best players: C Rowe, E Maloney, I Powell, M Bertola.

Division 2 saw Newtown 2 claim victory over Mallee 2 by 21 points.

Best Players: C Shearer, E Hooper, K Chapman, I Stone.

In a fast and close game, Rookies 2 managed to secure a 2 point win over Gibson 2.

Best players: N Strickland, S Normanton, T Docherty, L Puna.

TDS 1 and Surfers 3 finished in a draw, in what was a very close game with a lot of back and forth.

Best Players: B Hartley, R Mackenzie, T Giles, M Guest.

Rookies 3 managed to claim a 1 point win over Newtown 3, in what was a very close game.

Best Players: E Wilson, J Wynne, R Clifton, E Wakeham.

Gibson 4 secured a 13 point win over United 2 in a well-fought game by both teams.

Best players: S Walsh, R Doney, B Briggs, J Barber.

Great skills saw Newtown 4 secure a 34 point win over Gibson 3.

Best players: M Podmore, Z Fiegert, L Pesseck, S Andrews.

Division 4 saw Newtown 5 defeat Gibson 5 and Surfers win over Gibson 6 by 32 points.

Best players: S Thomas, E Smith, G Ayers, T Carter, I Tas, J Bradley, H Whiti, A Neisler.

United 3 used teamwork to secure a 21 point win over Rookies 4.

Best players: K Bishop, T Bridges, M Rhodes, T Macleod.