Premiership points for Ports following victory

Solid game: Ports player Zac Liddelow was everywhere on the field on Saturday, June 29. Photo: Jesinta Burton.
Solid game: Ports player Zac Liddelow was everywhere on the field on Saturday, June 29. Photo: Jesinta Burton.

Ports had another blistering opening quarter, scoring 4 goals 6 to Newtown-Condingup's 2 points and holding the margin for the rest of the day to record their first 4 premiership points for the year.

Newtown-Condingup kicked the first 2 goals in the second term, but Ports responded with 3 goals before half-time to snuff out any of the team's come back ambition.

For Ports, Rhys Campbell was providing a target in attack and finished with 3 goals, while Liam O'Callaghan scored twice in the second quarter.

Max Witham was winning the hit outs but added some great groundwork to his repertoire, firing out some handballs and laying plenty of shepherds.

The team's attack on the ball carrier was strong all day and resulted in multiple tackles and some good smothers.

This level of attack caused Newtown-Condingup to just kick the ball forward in desperation.

This played into Nigel Johnston's hands and he mopped up everything at half back.

Isaac Puna and Jack Adams were attacking the ball hard and doing the grunt work, while the mosquito fleet of Jacob Buckley, Rory Stewart and Zac Liddelow were everywhere.

For Newtown-Condingup, Courtney Burnett's game at half-back was outstanding and he constantly repelled Ports' attacking forays.

Reece Young gave some good support, while Tate Bertola and Matt McDonald were both busy working in the midfield.

It was Craig Henderson that continually avoided Ports' defence and found space and set up most of Newtown-Condingup's best scoring opportunities.

The second half was a tough physical contest which resulted in 3 goals each, with both defences mostly on top.

However, it was Ports who took the points on the back of their opening term.

The final score was 10.9 (69) to 5.8 (38).

Other good players were Sam Curnow and Jack Watson for Ports and Andy Lovett and Brayden Barker for Newtown-Condingup.

B Grade:

Newtown-Condingup 9.8 (62) defeated Ports 7.7 (49).

Best Newtown-Condingup players:

Cooper Bertola, Evan Willumsen, Taaryn Tedge, Rob Hart and Gabe Minghetti.

Best Ports players:

Eugene Brown, Jack Bennier, Dylan Hampell, Charlie Taylor and Matt Spencer.