Watoto choir heads to Cascade Primary School

Students at Cascade and Munglinup Primary School experienced a new world of singing and dancing as the Watoto Children's Choir from Uganda travelled to Esperance.

The choir was at Cascade Primary School on Friday, June 14.

Cascade principal Merrill Ridgley said the students had a "cultural shock" when they saw how the children danced and sang so beautifully.

"They had some really cool moves and their energy was amazing," she said.

"These children were selected from 30,000 other children that have been rescued.

"They travel for about six months of the year and this year's group is the 100th choir group since the beginning in 1984."

Mrs Ridgley said the stories some of the Watoto children told stood out.

"This made our students sit and think that their life was not so bad after all," she said.

"One child talked about how her mother died when she was only three and her father was an alcoholic and she was left on the streets to look after herself.

"These children had a very positive attitude towards living and were very well mannered."

Mrs Ridgley said the community members who attended were amazed by the performance.

She thanked the Cascade and Munglinup P&Cs for catering and the staff at both schools for ensuring the day ran smoothly.