Defibrillators installed at Esperance beaches

Defibrillators have been installed at Twilight Beach, West Beach and Alexander Bay.

The life-saving equipment has been funded by CBH in partnership with St John WA's Community First Responder program.

First Responder Program manager Sally Simmonds said the defibrillators would provide victims of sudden cardiac arrest with a much better chance of survival.

"This donation empowers people in these communities to potentially save someone's life in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest," she said.

"The device is very easy to use even if you haven't got any knowledge of first aid training and we are delighted that CBH has helped us to make this important purchase."

Ms Simmonds said the first responder program aimed to get defibrillators to cardiac arrest victims in the vital minutes before an ambulance arrived.

The First Responder system is operating in 3,500 locations across WA and continues to grow.

The funding was part of a total $250,000 donation to 13 different charities through CBH's Harvest Mass Management Scheme.