Castletown man, Seth Andreas Andersen, jailed over drug charge

A Castletown man has been jailed for 18 months for possessing almost 14 grams of meth with intent to sell it.

Seth Andreas Andersen, 33, was sentenced by District Court Judge Mark Herron in Esperance Courthouse today, June 12.

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State prosecutor Sarah Jessup told the court that on January 15, 2018 at 6:30pm, Esperance Detectives and Police stopped Andersen outside his home.

Police searched the offender as he resisted. They found a black container in the front of his jeans.

There were two clip seal bags with a total of 13.91 grams of meth inside.

Andersen's lawyer Paul Gazia admitted his client sold drugs to feed his own meth addiction and knew a jail term was very likely.

Mr Gazia said the offender had been working two jobs and had used meth because he was tired.

He said Andersen's drug use and depression spiraled further out of control when his wife ran away with his best friend.

Mr Gazia said his client had sought drug counselling and would continue to do so in jail.

The court was told Andersen had been placed on a community based order for a previous charge of dealing meth in 2016.

Judge Herron also pointed out the offender had continued to break the law after being charged in January 2018.

Mr Gazia said he had broken the law while he was "suffering greatly" and had since "settled down".

Judge Herron said the drugs Andersen possessed could have been worth more than $13,000.

The judge said the drugs could have done a significant amount of harm, particularly in a country community.

Anderson was made eligible for parole after serving half of his sentence or nine months in jail.

His sentence was backdated by one day to take into account time spent in custody.