Helping locals for a decade

TV Financial Services & Planning recently celebrated 10 years of empowering and educating locals with quality advice and solutions to their financial problems.

Director Tamara Virgo has been with the business since the beginning and said the vision behind it was to be the leading financial services provider in the community.

"Our vision is achieved because we plan the way forward, we learn lessons from the past, have a generosity of spirit that earns trust with our clients and we know that the secret to a satisfied customer is a happy, healthy team," Tamara said.

"Our key competitive advantage is that we are the only local, fully independent mortgage broker and financial planner in the Esperance region."

"There are many misconceptions about regional firms and my aim is to quash these."

"Regional firms can be just as good as their city counterparts."

"While city firms can pick up a high value of business because overall loan volumes are higher, regional brokers can do just as well."

"Too many people assume that quality advice and services can only be found in the city and not in the regions."

"An office address does not define your experience, knowledge base or success."

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"We are a regionally based team who live and work in our beautiful community providing a valued service to our region with a reputation supported by many state and national awards."

"We have been recognised as the WA Regional Broker of the Year for the past three years in a row."

"We offer a complete, holistic, life-cycle approach to financial services - and are the only firm within the region to do so."

According to Tamara the thing that makes TV Financial Services even more unique is that the business now links borrowing money with contingencies.

"We provide financial planning and strategies for asset and income protection and preparation of medium to long-term plans; planning our clients' financial journey with the long-term engagement support of our team," she said.

"We want people to think long-term and to be pro-active about future needs and requirements on a much wider scale, this is how our holistic approach to our clients."

TV Financial Services & Planning is a one-stop advice house which works well for everyone offering mortgage broking and financial planning.

"If you're planning on buying a house, hoping to set some long-term financial goals or wondering what to do with a lump sum of cash, you might be in need of some professional financial advice," Tamara said.