Surveys report uniform conditions at proposed tip site

The latest geophysical surveys undertaken as part of an environmental review of the proposed landfill at Kirwan Road have found uniform site conditions and "no evidence" the site is a karst environment.

The report was compiled by consultants ASST, engaged by the Shire of Esperance to satisfy elements of the Endorsed Environmental Scoping Document and identify the presence of karst-like features in spongolite beneath the site that could form channels for landfill leachate.

The consultants conducted ground gravity, analysis of surface waves and the electromagnetic and electrical resistivity surveys of the site between March and May, 2019.

The survey report, released on June 11, recommended further hydrogeological investigations be undertaken in targeted areas to confirm the geophysical results, including the depth of a potential paleo channel identified in the south-west corner of the site.

According to the report, the data suggested that the site conditions were fairly uniform and stated there was no evidence in the data compiled to suggest the site was a karst environment.

The shire will now move onto the second phase of works outlined in the scoping document, including the assessment of the aquifer through a tracer test and the installation of a monitoring bore.

Shire of Esperance chief executive officer said all testing completed so far had supported the site as one appropriate for a landfill facility.

"This testing is part of the 41 work requirements that were identified in the endorsed Environmental Scoping Document," he said.

"All testing completed so far has supported this site as a suitable location for a landfill facility.

"Investigation work will continue to meet all the requirements set out by the EPA to progress."

More to come.