Gibson easily defeat Ports in Round 6

Round 6: The Gibson Tigers took everything thrown at them by a determined Ports side and won 26.15 (171) to 6.4 (40).

Everyone watching the game didn't see Gibson as that dominant a side, but in the end the difference was Gibson's ability to kick goals.

Ports just had no spearhead and broke down in the forward half.

Trey Hallam was good in this area for Gibson and Callum McFarlane was again Gibson's major goal scorer with a bag of eight.

Ben Liddelow and Max Witham had a good duel in the centre bounce downs, but Liddelow was the better ruckman around the ground.

It was a battle of the small guys to shark the hit outs and Ben Staunton was terrific.

Aogan McCallion was able to stay on his feet and feed out handballs to his Tiger team mates.

Ports were well represented in the clinches with the likes of Zac Liddelow and Jacob Buckley, but they were wasteful with their delivery after working so hard.

The highlight for Ports was the back line run and rebound from Jake Pennington.

Pennington inspired his younger team mates to dig in and chase and tackle hard.

He also scored two goals as he charged through the middle followed up through centre half forward and one particular goal on his left was a highlight.

Jack Watson was also great in defense and his overhead marking and ball use was of a high class.

Despite all this, Gibson had all the answers and with a seven-goal second quarter to set them on their and a 10-goal final quarter, it was another big win.

Jeremy Curry was a clean ball user all day.

Sam Johnson had some great runs down the ground that resulted in goals and Brenton Bridges sparred in the final quarter and hit the scoreboard on three occasions.

Gibson must have run harder than their opponents as they had more players free when everyone else was scrambling in contests.

On a sad note, young Jessie Rowe who was having a good match, did another ACL in the third quarter that depleted Ports' back line of a tight checking defender.

Reserve results: Gibson 9.8 (62) defeating Ports 2.4 (16).

Best Gibson: Hayden Martin, Liam Want, Dale Guest and Matt Horley.

Best Ports: Jack Bennier, Daniel Parker, Ned Clinch, Ian Richardson and Ken Spratt.