Winter Music Program unveiled

Winter program unveiled: Laura Petrie, set to perform at the first 75 Club. Photo: Jonty Scoble.

Winter program unveiled: Laura Petrie, set to perform at the first 75 Club. Photo: Jonty Scoble.

Event management company KyzaPresents has unveiled its Winter Music Program, produced in partnership with the Cannery Arts Centre, with a series of free workshops and live music events running from June until September.

The program has been in the works for several months, receiving financial support from The Rotary Club Of Esperance Bay.

The program kicks off from Friday, June 14, and features 21 local musicians and one touring act across four free music workshops, four Open Mic fundraisers and four 75 Club events.

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Local musician and event coordinator Kyron Smithson said much of the program had been coordinated on the back of the recent WA'S Finest Series, which saw some of the state's most successful musicians perform live and host workshops for the Esperance community.

The events have also been developed to create a pathway for emerging local musicians and provide the necessary groundwork to prepare them for performing publicly.

"I've been working on putting together the winter program for the Cannery Arts Centre and we're absolutely stoked to have the Rotary Club of Esperance Bay on board with some financial support, too," Mr Smithson said.

"In the way it's structured, the winter program has been built off the back of the success of WA's Finest.

"This program is really about creating a pathway for emerging musicians.

"I feel that these workshops provide the groundwork, they're the stepping stone to building that confidence to perform publicly.

"We've got such a good music scene in Esperance and that begins with supporting the local musicians.

"It's about ensuring that local musicians have those opportunities for development.

"Another big part of it is providing the community with an opportunity to come out and get involved.

"If this winter program is really well received, I'd certainly look to run it in a similar way next year."

WA's Finest Series Volume 1 on February 9. Photo: Jesinta Burton.

WA's Finest Series Volume 1 on February 9. Photo: Jesinta Burton.

After having received positive feedback from attendees of the WA's Finest workshops, Mr Smithson said organisers worked hard to ensure they remained free and accessible to everyone.

"We had really positive feedback from everyone that attended [the workshops] and a really diverse group," he said.

"By keeping the workshops free, anyone with a slight interest in music can come along.

"As soon as you put even $15 on there, which is around what it would cost if we didn't have the funds supplied by the Rotary Club of Esperance Bay, that is the deterrent - especially to a lot of young people.

"In my mind, it's just nice to break down that barrier to them attending and ensure it's accessible to everyone.

"The Open Mics tend to draw quite high attendance, too, and most have had about 100 to 120 people there.

"I've actually run out of slots for musicians to perform in the past because there are so many.

"It's low-key, it's a very supportive environment. The open mics are really all about providing growing musicians with a platform to perform without the pressure of long sets or having to worry about organising gigs.

"I'd say we've [KyzaPresents and the Cannery Arts Centre] been doing this for about two and a half years now.

"It's been such a strong relationship, it's so positive for the local community, and it's been fantastic to get the support of another local organisation."

The program will commence with an Open Mic event on Friday, June 14 from 6pm until 10pm at the Cannery Arts Centre, following by a free workshop on Web Design with Proud Mouth Music's Jon Carlson on Thursday, June 27.

Saturday, June 29, will see the first of the 75 Club events held at the Cannery Arts Centre from 6pm, with local artists Mousey Stewart, Steve West, Boden Bosworth, Campbell Garratt and Laura Petrie performing.

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