Agencies back Tanker Jetty replacement process

Photo: H+H Architects.
Photo: H+H Architects.

A permit to allow the Tanker Jetty to be deconstructed while the Conservation Order is still in place is set to be issued by June 30 after stakeholders agreed on a 10-step process for the structure's replacement.

The document, issued to the Shire of Esperance by The Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, is the product of a meeting between the Southern Ports Authority, the Department of Transport, the state's Heritage Council, Heritage Minister's office and shire representatives on April 12.

The permit will allow for materials to be salvaged and incorporated into the new 400 metre structure, which will be built in the same alignment as the original 1934 design and include a historical section, a fishing section, a dive platform and a widening at the seaward end.

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The first step of the process will involve a recommendation from the state's Heritage Council to Heritage Minister David Templeman to issue a section 64 permit under the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990 to allow the deconstruction to begin by June 30, 2019.

The shire will need to advise the Southern Ports Authority that it wishes to take ownership of the structure.

The Department of Transport will then issue the shire with a licence for the new structure and seek a management order for the seabed.

Following the completion of the jetty's construction, the Heritage Council will recommend the Conservation Order placed on the structure back in 2016 to be lifted.

Shire of Esperance chief executive officer Matthew Scott said the confirmation was a massive step forward for the project.

"The jetty issue is not a simple issue, it's not just one department or the minister signing off on things," Mr Scott said.

"It's taken a considerable amount of work from all government agencies and the shire to come to an agreed process.

"One of the biggest issues was who actually had ownership of the jetty and that has now been resolved.

"This is new territory for a lot of agencies.

"There has been recent legislation changes which has allowed certain things to happen.

"This is a big step for the jetty project.

"Essentially, we will have a permit to deconstruct and reconstruct the jetty under the permit and at the end of the process the minister will lift the conservation order.

"This is the first time in three or four years that we've actually got a clear path forward with all of the government agencies agreeing to a process."

The correspondence from the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage will reach the Esperance Shire Council at the Agenda Briefing on Tuesday, May 21, and at the Ordinary Meeting on May 28.

Shire officer's have recommended that council agrees to and endorses the process, subject to the permit being issued by June 30, and authorises Mr Scott to execute the necessary licenses required.

More to come.