Ravensthorpe Candy Shack to host world's largest lollipop

The Yummylicious Candy Shack is set to put Ravensthorpe on the map, after the local council approved a development application for the world's largest lollipop.

The business made the application to erect the 7.5m structure to host the Guinness World Record for the largest free-standing lollipop back in February, with the Ravensthorpe Shire Council resolving to release the proposal for a two-week public consultation period.

Yummylicious Candy Shack owner Belinda McHarg said the plan had been in the works for two years, born during a difficult time for the town economically.

"It was around the time that FQM, our big mine, closed down again and we experienced major flooding in town," Mrs McHarg said.

"I wanted to help the community and I knew it would have to be something big to draw tourists to this side of WA to see all of the beautiful things we have here and in Esperance.

"This dream came about and we saved very hard to make it a reality."

The plan was met with positive feedback, with more than 350 of the town's residents signed a petition in support of the proposal.

However, some respondents expressed concerns about the impact on visual amenity and that it could set precedent for future development applications.

"Surely we would like our town to be recognised for other values than a kitsch, grotesque confectionary structure?," one respondent said.

Despite not complying with the local planning policy, and the officer's recommendation to refuse the application, council unanimously moved to accept the proposal subject to conditions on Tuesday evening, May 14.

Mrs McHarg said the council resolution on Tuesday evening was an emotional time for her and thanked council and the community for their ongoing support.

"I had to leave the chambers because I was going to cry happy tears," she said.

"I thanked them [councillors] immensely and told them 'I have to leave now because I'm going to cry'.

"As a business, this is our gift to the community.

"The big red bow on it is not going to have 'Yummylicious Candy Shack' on it, it's not about us, it's going to say 'Ravensthorpe, WA'.

"Knowing that I could do something for this community was so important for me because I just love this part of WA.

"One of our councillors, Kerry Dickinson, has really supported this.

"She's really done her homework with regards to this and having her support has been the biggest help to us and we are just so grateful."

The business is hoping to have the structure in place by the end of August in time for The Ravensthorpe Wildflower Show and Spring Festival.