Man fined over four offences

A 24-year-old New Zealand man's drunken first night out in Esperance led to four charges and a $600 fine.

Michael Charles McCullough was sentenced in Esperance Courthouse by Magistrate Brionie Ayling on May 7.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Carolyn Petersen told the court about 9pm on April 20, 2019 McCullough had been cut off from the bar at the Pier Hotel.

Security made him leave after he got his friends to buy him drinks.

McCullough became aggressive to staff and verbally abused security and customers.

Police were called and told him to leave the premises.

McCullough told police "don't talk to me" and "f--- off".

Police told him he would be charged for refusing to leave and asked for his details.

McCullough replied "legally I don't have to do anything". When police told him it was an offence to refuse to provide his details the offender again replied "f--- off".

He continued to swear and shout loudly, causing police to grab his arm and place him under arrest.

McCullough pulled and pushed away and continued to swear.

Two officers were required to restrain him and take him to the police station.

He was charged with failing to give police personal details, remaining on a licensed premises, disorderly behaviour and obstructing public officers.

McCullough's lawyer Pamela Oram said April 20 was her client's first night out in Esperance.

Ms Oram said he had drunk a lot and hadn't eaten.

She said McCullough was from New Zealand, where there were different rules, and he didn't know it was an offence to refuse to provide police with his details.

Ms Oram said McCullough had no record and was going back to New Zealand at the end of June.

Magistrate Ayling took into account his clean record and early guilty plea. McCullough was given a global fine of $600 and charged $107.50 in arrest costs.

He was given a spent conviction.