Esperance soccer season, Round 2

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Week 2 Results:

9-11s Chelsea Vs Liverpool, 1-5 with Liverpool the winners. Best players for Chelsea were Bodhi Swan, Rohan Harper and Kurt Mumford. Best players for Liverpool were Tijs Loones, Eamon Brennan and Koby Bright.

9-11s Manchester Vs Aston Villa, 2-3

12-13s EMAR United Vs City, 3-6 with City the winners. Best players for EMAR United were Rydn-Rae Anthonyz scoring 3 goals, Lucas Tobin and Grace Buttle. Best players for City were Jack Riley, Ryan Thomas and Declan Brown.

12-13s TDS 11s Vs SMITH FAMILY Glory, 1-5 with Glory victorious. Best players for TDS were Mitchell Cole, Sunnie Petrie and Katie Goodwin.

14-16s Glory Vs Atletico, 7-6 with Glory the eventual winners in a tight-scoring game. Best players for Glory were Sally & Tina Barz, Josh Holberton and Norton Staer. Best players for Athletico were Tait Vooght-Simpson, Jeriah Rodericks and Corey Harvey.

14-16s - ESPERANCE ELECTRICAL United Vs HEASMAN & ASSOCIATES City, 0-15 with City the winners. Best players for ESPERANCE ELECTRICAL United were Toby Smith, Lachie Meerman and Teo Mahkin. Best players for HEASMAN & ASSOCIATES City were Caitlin Parker, Tamiel Ben-Dixon and Ashton Burnside. Taya Strickland scored 5 goals for City.

Seniors West Beach Vs South Coast, 2-9

Seniors Esperance Vs Castletown, 0-5

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