Gibson overcomes slow start to score landslide Round 3 win against Ports

Round 3: The Gibson Tigers hosted Ports for a Round 3 clash on Saturday, May 11, with Gibson achieving a crushing 23-goal lead at the final siren.

The Tigers took control after the first quarter, with Gibson scoring 26-14 (170 points) defeating Ports on 3-4 (22 points).

Ports got off to a respectable start, falling just seven points behind Gibson at quarter-time.

However, a series of injuries saw Ports' game go from bad to worse.

Gibson benefited from the likes of Travis Stewart, who kicked 10 goals and Callum McFarlane who kicked eight.

Aogon McCallian was excellent in the middle, getting the ball out of the horde and making himself available.

Vice captain Jeremy Curry showed real leadership on the field with captain Patch Jannings out.

After a few lean years, Ash Bowman had his touch back and now looks to be in top form.

Sean Lindsay was also helpful for Gibson in controlling the back line.

Gibson coach Mick Krygger thought the game would be tight at the start, but with the pressure on and displaying superior fitness, the Tiger's momentum became unstoppable.

After scoring two goals in the first quarter, Ports only managed one in the second and was unable to land any more throughout the entire second half.

Ports' bad fortunes started in the first five minutes with Hudson Fyfe out with a concussion.

Tex Walker then came down with tight hamstrings and Sam Curnow received a cork in the thigh.

Coach David Callow increasing ran out of options when Zac Liddelow went out with a concussion and the team went down to 17 players.

Young colt Liam Brennan also came off with a sore shoulder and Rory Grundy badly tore his hamstrings.

In the last quarter, Ports only had 15 fit players on the field.

All three of Ports' goals were scored by Gary Walaby.

In what was only his second league game for Ports, Max Witham showed a lot of promise as a ruckman.

Chet Stewart showed real potential as well, despite having only played a handful of senior games.

Liam O'Callaghan is also set to be a handy inclusion for Ports after playing for the first time in Round 3.

Best Gibson players: Travis Stewart, Aogan McCallian, Jeremy Curry, Callum McFarlane, Ash Bowman and Sean Lindsay.

Best Ports players: Max Witham, Gary Walaby, Isaac Puna, Jack Adams and Chet Stewart.