Lions defeat Ports at Condingup Oval in Round 2

Photo: Jesinta Burton.
Photo: Jesinta Burton.

Round 2: Ports travelled out to Condingup to take on Newtown-Condingup on a warm Sunday but in a competitive match fell away in the final term.

Final score was Newtown-Condingup 22-11 (143 points) to Ports' 13-6 (84 points).

Newtown-Condingup had a little bit more muscle in the middle through Ash McDonald and Jacob Oversby and they fed runners like Dylan Holland and Byran Florisson, which got the ball into the Forward 50 more often than their opponents.

Newtown-Condingup threatened to bust the game open in every quarter but, in a gritty display, Ports answered the challenge with late goals to stay in touch up until three-quarter time.

Ports' defense was superbly led by Sam Curnow who's dash and long pinpoint delivery was a highlight all day.

Nigel Johnson was also outstanding and continues his great early season form.

Up forward Cale Walker turned back the clock and in a dominate three quarters, kicked seven goals before cramping up in the final term ending on the bench.

His time spent in the forward line really straightened Ports up and at times they looked really good.

It was no coincidence that Ports faded when he left the ground.

At the other end of the ground, it was defender turned attacker Anthony Emsley who starred kicking five goals for Newtown Condingup and clearly relished the new role.

Scott McArthur created all day and read the ball off the contests beautifully, snapping some fine goals.

Other good performances came from Craig Henderson and Jacob Beecroft setting up Newtown-Condingup's first win of the season and coach Chris Oversby I'm sure was a lot happier with the consistent work rate and better disposal across four quarters.

For Ports although out muscled in the middle Zac Liddelow, Fraser Randall and Jacob Buckley tried valiantly.

Two players of the future to watch out for max downs for Ports and Devon Tholstrop Newtown-Condingup put in strong debuts.

Reserve results: Ports 5-5 (35 points) defeating Newtown-Condingup 5-4 (34 points).

Best Ports: Daniel Parker, Dylan Hampell, Shaun Mayfield, Terrence Flynn-Dowell and Jack Bennier.

Best Newtown-Condingup: James Bidstrup, Carl Johnstone, Byron Klien, Evan Williamson and Fre Sutton.