Esperance Shire opt to become Waterwise

The Shire of Esperance opted to become a Waterwise council at the council meeting on April 23.

The item was approved unanimously, 7-0, with councillor Shelley Payne on leave and councillor Dale Piercey an apology.

The Waterwise Council Program was established in 2009 to support councils to improve their water efficiency and to build waterwise communities.

Shire deputy president Natalie Bowman said the shire was already doing many of the things the other Waterwise local governments were doing.

"I looked at all the things that other councils are doing to reduce their water use and I saw that, as a council and as a shire, we already do most of those things," Mrs Bowman said.

"As a council, we discussed that it would be a relatively easy target for us to meet.

"That then opens the door to potentially a few funding opportunities for ratepayers into the future."

Mrs Bowman listed the Easter Suburb Water Supply Scheme, water monitors in parks and gardens and warning alerts for water leakages as some of the measures already being undertaken to save water.

With the motion approved, the shire will form a memorandum of understanding with the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation.