Esperance Police conduct Easter holiday driving checks

Esperance Police conducted more than 500 random breath tests and drug swipes between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Only one person was caught driving under the influence of drugs and only two were found drink-driving.

Esperance Police Senior Sergeant Steve Thompson said whilst it was good news the community was getting the message about drug and drink driving, three drivers was "three too many".

"I'd rather there were none," Sgt Thompson said.

"Driving whilst affected by any substance, whether it be drugs or alcohol, is extremely dangerous.

"It's a key leader to serious accidents, deaths and serious injuries."

Sgt Thompson said police had not detected a large number of drivers speeding or using their mobile phones. However, police will continue to have an increased presence through to the end of school holidays.

Esperance Police will also continue to target crime hot-spots under 'Operation Brass' for the rest of the school holidays.

"We generally focus on those times of year when offending can peak," Sgt Thompson said.

"One of those times is around the school holiday period."

Sgt Thompson said during the operation, police targeted certain people who were believed to be involved in crime, certain places which were prone to crime, such as caravan parks and carparks, and suburbs with higher crime rates.

Police did not receive high reports of anti social behaviour or violent offences over the Easter weekend.

Sgt Thompson said it was likely thanks to members of the public taking responsibility for their properties and belongings.

"That's people who are locking their cars and windows," he said.

"Take away the opportunity and you'll take away the crime, or at least a particular part of it."


The Esperance Police Station is saying goodbye to two officers.

Senior Constable Paul Moore is heading to Denmark, while First Class Constable Michael Oliver is moving to Mandurah.

Both officers have been in Esperance for their full, four-year tenure.

Sgt Thompson thanked both officers for their service to the Esperance community.

"What was great to see is they loved being here and they loved the town," he said.

"I'm sorry to see them go. They're two excellent police officers.

"Snr Constable Moore was nominated for a Citizen of the Year Award and Constable Oliver was a young and dynamic officer in town.

"But with good people leaving, we've got good people coming in."